Support true education reform

Our message:

Pushing beyond equity to establishing expectations and accountability. Through the innovative supports of Students, Teachers, and School Site Administration, we can collectively address and correct the long standing themes preventing our district from becoming the destination district in our region. Our district has had a consistent narrative of failing to academically prepare our students for the world ahead of them for past 8 years. It's time to stop pointing the fingers and work collectively to fix the problem. It is our duty to ensure the future of OUR young people and make sure their voices are heard in matters that directly affect them. Your Vote Gives Them A Voice.

Our Values

MISSION: To ensure that the Sacramento Unified School District places the needs of students above the needs of the bureaucracy. Students have the most at stake and are generally not consulted when the district sets its priorities. If elected I will fight to ensure that all students are well served and that none are left behind. I stand on a platform which focuses on Equity, Student Resources and Accountability. I believe youth should be at the center of decision making, and every student should receive the support they need to be successful and reach the next level. My fresh energy and unique perspective will allow us an opportunity to truly put children first and create change for every single SCUSD student.

Jody S. Johnson, JD., graduated from Lincoln Law School, Sacramento in 2015. Prior to Lincoln, Mr. Johnson graduated from Sacramento State University with degrees in Government and Philosophy: Applied Ethics and Law in 2008 and 2009. Mr. Johnson’s organization RoccSolid Advisement has supported hundreds of local youth to be the change they want to see in the world. In addition to leading this life-changing non-profit organization, Mr. Johnson is also currently a substitute teacher. In this capacity he has been able to build relationships with the very people who make a district run. He is described by many people, as one of the hardest working people they know. He routinely goes from leading an organization, helping youth running community breakfasts, mentoring seasoned teachers in how to engage young and pushing for systems change and educational justice.


Canvassing schedule can be found below. Volunteers please meet at John F. Kennedy High School.

Sacramento, CA

+1 (951) 271-0888